Joe Vallen... Writer, Comic Creator, Podcast Host.


Read his debut novel "Unkillable Joe" anywhere fine books are sold, and find his comics, podcast, and more right here!

Unkillable Joe

What does a warrior Queen from space, an all-powerful god, and a necromancing frog have in common? Whatever it is, it has something to do with this book...


"Unkillable Joe" is what happens when a sub-par comic creator accidentally obtains the power to destroy the Universe with the stroke of a pen. It sounds far-fetched, but it could happen to anyone.

Available in paperback and digital at

The Mighty Pen Podcast

Made for creators, by creators! The MPP features interviews and promotions from writers, artists, musicians and more, and is the first stop for all news in the Vallen universe. 

Listen in for a peek into the life of a creator, project updates, and wisdom from Joe and his guests. 

You can also find the free audiobook of Unkillable Joe in it's complete playlist at!

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